Cutting Board Maintenance

Cutting Board Maintenance

General Care

  1. Do not put your cutting board in either the dishwasher or any sort of oven (microwave, toaster, kitchen, etc).
  2. After use, wash your cutting board with warm soapy water, rinse with warm water, and wipe dry with a clean dish towel.
  3. Store your board in a dry location.
  4. Regularly treat your board with a food safe mineral oil or a mineral oil/beeswax combo. Evenly apply mineral wax using a clean cloth and let it sit on the board for a few hours (overnight works great). Afterwards wipe off any excess with a clean dry cloth. I recommend using Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil and/or Wood Wax (this combo is what your board came with) at least once a month. Apply the Cutting Board Oil as per the directions on the container. Afterwards, apply the Wood Wax as per directions on its container.
  5. Food items like garlic, onions, ginger, etc may transfer some of their flavor to the cutting board. To deodorize (and if needed disinfect) spray white vinegar onto the surface, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe clean with a damp warm cloth. Lemon juice makes a good alternative to vinegar.


It's natural for a wooden cutting board to accumulate knife marks over time. My own cutting board is replete with them after 2 years of use and I'm only starting to consider refinishing it. So you probably don't have to refinish your board as soon as you think - as long as you've been keeping it clean and oiling and/or waxing it regularly. But if you *do* need to refinish it you have some options:

Refinish It Yourself

You can refinish the board yourself by following these steps:

  1. Sand the side to be refinished with an 80 grit sand paper until the knife marks are gone. Try to be as even as possible so that the board will lay flat on both sides. An orbital sander (don't forget the sandpaper) works well for all sanding steps, but sanding blocks also work.
  2. Re-sand the surface with an 150 grit sand paper. This will make the rough sanding smooth.
  3. Re-sand the surface with a 220 grit sand paper. This will make the board even smoother.
  4. Remove the sanding dust by washing the board. Let dry completely, at least 24 hours.
  5. Apply a coat of Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil followed by Wood Wax as per the directions on their containers.

Refinishing Service

For the cost of return shipping I will happily refinish any cutting board you have purchased from me.  Use the contact form to send me your info/order number.Plenty of other local woodworkers would be happy to refinish the board for you as well, either for free or a small fee. 

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